i’m all about those candid moments

let’s get things straight I believe in leaving all my assumptions at the door. i want to capture your day how it unfolds. no setting up shots. no awkward posing. candid simply means taken ‘informally’ or ‘unposed’ so if that sounds what you’re looking for than say hello.



i’m pretty chilled

who the heck wants a bossy photographer killing the vibe on their wedding day. my flexible and relaxed nature means you can focus on enjoying the day. even if things go wrong on the melbourne weather turns on you i’ll be there to capture the day and help you relax


i like to party

A line stolen from Hot Rod the movie. I love having fun whilst capturing beautiful timeless photos for you. Just because marriage is a serious commitment doesn't mean it has to be boring day. Marrying your best friend should be a day filled with laughter. Oh and if you find me on the dance floor I'll pull some pretty rad shapes. guaranteed


three tips you should know before choosing your photographer


skills + personality = win

Yes. Your photographer should have sweet skills. They should be a creative genius behind the lens. Using their knowledge and technical expertise to capture every aspect of your day. But having rad photography skills isn't enough. They need to be great company.

Not only do you and your lover need to feel comfortable. So do all your guests. Your photographer should be able to join in with the bridal party banter and help everyone have fun. Don't make the mistake of choosing a photographer who will kill your vibe. It's an intimate day. Choose someone who you'll gel with.


be sure to dig their style

no i’m not talking about cool they are. photography as a creative expression takes on many different forms. throughout your search you'll come across buzz words like 'story-telling', 'natural', 'laid-back', 'documentary'. forget the words for a minute.make sure you like what you see. ask your photographer about their approach, read their reviews. if you don't want to be posed all day long then choose someone who's a little more relaxed and natural. it's that simple.


go pro

And I don't mean the video recording device. What I want to tell you is this: hiring a pro means hiring someone who thinks about 'what if everything went wrong'. What happens in an emergency and they can't rock up? What happen's if their camera breaks? Or their memory cards fail? The truth is the list could go on. A professional photographer's job isn't just taking good photos. They are business owners. It's their job to cut out the risk and assure you everything will be fine. They have insurance. They create backups of all your files. They have people to call in case of an emergency. As enticing as your offer from Uncle John and his brand new camera is - it simply isn't worth the risk.